A bite of urban culture: manifesto

Urban Bites is a locally produced potato crisps brand, under the Bitez  flagship. We identify ourselves as a modern brand that offers the youthful souls- fresh with new ideas, a platform to express themselves. We know that food, like people can embody a personality of its own. We know that what we eat is a reflection (to some extent) of who we are  Hence, our flavors, namely:Trendy Tomato, Salt and Vinegar, Funky Fruit Chutn’y, Part Paprika and Summer Salt all seek to compliment our consumers in some way.

We realize that most of our targeted audience is at a young and impressionable age in life. We also understand that it is at this point in their lives when they begin to discover, come into their creative selves;consequently. we are here for the dreamers, for those whose pulses, those whose inner nations will not know a moment of peace until they give expression to the ideas that lie deep within them. We are here for the underdogs, the eccentric, the abstract, the direct.

So much beauty persists in the world. So much beauty persists, and yet, we are not privy to it. We are here to give expression to your art form. And so the question begs, What’s your expression?


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