Kenya Captured

Photography as a creative art form is being redefined by a new breed of photographers. They, whoever they are, believe that Kenya has a lot that remains unseen and uncelebrated. The See Kenya Instagram and Twitter initiative takes the individual to the people, places, and things that make us unique. In their own way, they’re creating a repository of hope for all the things, people, events and buildings that remain forgotten, undiscovered and unappreciated throughout this great country. To call them (whoever the brains behind this project are) to call it new would be making a claim to ignorance; because it feels as though they have been around for a long while.

These photo challenges mold themselves around a number of themes. If we were to mention a few: Reflections, Portraits, Black and White and the Golden Hour. The photographs are taken from refreshingly inventive camera angles. The beauty of the challenges is that they are never the same. They challenge the individual to become aware of all the beauty that persists around them.
Here are samples of what some of these photo challenges have managed to dig up

Portraits: To tire of portraits is to tire of life. Portraits help capture the human form in its various complexities. Here, you will find visual tales of ordinary Kenyans, going through life, trying as best as they can.


Photo Credit: theblvckmozvrt Instagram

The Golden Hour: From the darkened edges of dawn, to the recurring colours of day, the pictures captured will cause you a pang of patriotism you never thought you could feel. These pictures restore a hope to the much underrated beauty that is Kenya.

IMG_20141125_130744Photo Credit: lumiamoments254 Instagram

Black and White: Black and white photography has been stuck with us for ages, with younger enthusiasts breaking into the industry still holding on.
So what makes this timeless technique a mainstay all these generations later…personally I would like to simply point out that black and white photographs exude a kind of grace and modesty, not too loud not too colorful and details just right.

IMG_20141125_130704Photo Credit: izzoh_mwendwa Instagram

Vintage: They mostly capture and recreate a past that we’ve consciously chosen to disregard. From vintage cars, to the forgotten statements of style and fashion, and on to the old architecture that houses our history, the photos under this theme will make you seemingly nostalgic for a past you almost never had.

IMG_20141125_130615Photo Credit: the_frostographer Instagram

Reflections: Everything is an illusion. No one thing is ever as it seems. The photo sets under this theme bring out allows us glimpses of everyday life as it is mirrored back to us by our surroundings. Here, the photographers skillfully manipulate the light around them, bending it, stretching it, and making it yield to them. Masterful.


Photo Credit: mboss_weh_tis_vaimb Instagram

For more information on upcoming photo challenges look into their Instagram page @SeeKenya and as on Tumblr.


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