Enter The Electronic Age

For the longest time I had a descending ideology towards EDM both as an art form and as music. For some time now, I couldn’t wrap my head around the whole idea of having fundamental instruments thrown out for alternatives some no bigger than a notebook or even an encyclopedia.

I have had a change of heart, and one key reason is the fact that this genre is fast acquiring new enthusiasts and making a big ripple especially in the club scene. Another is old and young enthusiasts are making huge strides and are honing their talents to create music that resonates not only with our African culture but also with the time. Notable among them is the phenomenal DJ Cortega who pioneered Elactrafrique, a dance music show that fuses African music with Electronic beats.

These local pioneers have not only managed to breathe new life into this musical style but have remixed some great vintage tracks, allowing different generations to enjoy and relive these great moments in time.

After a few personal encounters with EDM, here I feel, are the budding hope of Kenyan EDM.

  1. Chelsea Van Carter

Van CarterPhoto Credit: Chelsea Van Carter Facebook profile

She might as well be the only female trance/house producer and DJ. She is an affiliate of the 8-bit production team. As an activist, she’s lent her talent to compose music for several causes within the country namely: Hands Off Our Elephants. For more on the sounds that she makes, listen here.

2. Factory DJs


Photo Credit: 6 AM Photography

The Dj/ producer brothers are (Trevor and Paul) their music leans towards Major Big-Room Electronics, Progressive and Own compositions. Their “brotherly” bond translates to their music, allowing them to feed off each other’s creative energy. listen to their music here.

3. Onimus aka Khalid Ramirez

Khaled-RamirezPhoto Credit: Up Nairobi

He may be young but his kicks are delivered just right – super tight and punchy. Ominus is also a member of 8-bit and you can listen to his music on here.

4. Brian Bett


Photo Credit: Brian Bett YouTube

Brian’s remix with 8-Bit on Fena and Karun’s “Feels Good” probably epitomizes this kid’s talent. At only 15 years of age, the sky is definitely the limit for this producer. Check out his stuff here.

5. CollaB Nation
collab nation

Photo Credit: Up Nairobi

Led by Justin Kid, this collaboration of producers, rappers, singers and songwriters has borne some of the coolest music in Kenya. Their music combines different genres such as Hip Hop and Dance. Keep up with them here


vilovPhoto Credit: Up  Nairobi

Both a producer and DJ, VILOV also brings different genres together; from IndieDance to House! Don’t forget to listen to this cool kid’s music.

 Have a listen, and tell us what you think 🙂


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