Featured: Recho Omondi (via Lyra Aoko)


“Recho Omondi is a New York based womenswear designer, influenced by the duality of her African heritage and New York lifestyle. Founded in 2013, her namesake label challenges the notion of modernity as it relates to the global, evolving woman. Steadfast in our commitment to offer goods of quality construction, we continue to explore the OMONDI philosophy that states beauty as an object of culture, logic and grace.” image

The first time I came across the @omndi Instagram account I remember thinking that she looked like my cousin Ingrid. By the time I was done stalking her creative timeline I was convinced that we had to be related somehow (Yes, this woman is amazing she is my big sister IJN) image

Rachels minimalistic and clean approach to fashion is not only appealing but also quite out of the ordinary in an age where the mentality of “the bolder the better” reigns supreme. image

The Omondi line is delicate and feminine but fearlessly unique at the same time. I must admit that I have a bias towards her entire ‘movement’ because of her incredible choice of models. Dark, caramel, chocolate and all shades of black are constantly being represented in her visuals and editorials and it is quite refreshing and beautiful to see all that sweet melanin on the runway


Scream!!! Literal Perfection!!! Follow @omndi on Instagram today!


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