A Passion Project that took a life of its own

Elizabeth Oduor aka Azil

Elizabeth Oduor aka Azil

Makeup captures our inner beauty. That has been held captive by life, and allows us to tell the story of our faces and how we live with in them. Social media, and the inter-webs alike, if harnessed and used to their supreme potential, can be powerful tools in and for changing perceptions and broadening one’s professional prospects. This is why she has decided to venture into blogging as a means to showcase her art to the world.

Bloggers are a dime a data bundle. The blogosphere is the current hotspot for most creative entrepreneurs. Globally, the cosmetic industry is estimated to garner a net $20 billion in sales annually. The effect of this is far reaching, and even though we may not notice it, it has a direct influence on our lives. My interviewee has seen the potential that this industry has and has therefore decided to turn what started out as a simple passion project and decided to give it a life of its own.

What’s working for her is clearly more than her artistry or her optimism. I made it my mission to find out what exactly makes her inimitable.

Elizabeth Oduor is a Student at  USIU-A studying Journalism. When not at work, you can find her up and about the campus, with a tripod in hand off to shoot at some thing or the other.  She describes herself as a free spirited optimist who is left intrigued by the creative arts. Make Up in particular, as she feels that it gives her creativity a mind of its own. In person, she is of moderate height, but if you look close enough, you’ll notice that although moderately tall, it’s her bohemian chic get up that draws you in. Her smile- the 100 watt kind-(which I later learn is a permanent fixture) demands reciprocity. And soon enough she has me smiling back at her. Me-all teeth and no poise her- exuding that old demure and comely grace. But it’s her low, breathy voice, coupled with her perfectly tweezed eyebrows and her achingly perfect red-lip that arrests your attention and makes you want to listen to what she has to say. Which is this:

Why makeup?

I got into makeup by mistake. In April 2012 I saw Suzie Beauty advertising for makeup artists and I applied. I was called for the interview which was the first time I put [applied] makeup on someone else other than myself. I got the job in May 2012. I then discovered a talent that I never knew I had and ran with it. Since then I have been working under Suzie Beauty and recently started freelancing under the name Azil.

Azil, again :)

Azil, again 🙂

Why the name Azil?

Azil is essentially my name backwards, Liz. A. To me it represents the inner beauty that most women struggle to find. It’s a reminder of the insecurities that I struggled with and helps me try to bring out that beauty in other women.

How did you get your first client?

My first client was a bride I was referred to by Suzie Beauty.

What has been your most satisfying moment so far?

My most satisfying moment was working on a creative shoot that appeared in prestige magazine

Azil Introducton III

What value would you say your artistry has added?

In my life my artistry has made me have an open mind. You meet very different people to the point where you learn not to be a judgmental person

Social Media, how is that working for you?

I just started using social media to promote myself and I can say so far so good.

On the future…

In the next five years I hope to be one of the major makeup artists in the advertising industry.

On challenges faced…

I was doing my very first fashion show as an intern and none of the models would let me touch their face because they simply doubted my skills. Other than that, getting into the industry is quite the challenge.

Her Mantra…

“Don’t let the fear of striking out keep you from playing the game” it’s a baseball themed quote but the essence of it is that it we should not allow our fear of failure keep us from following our dreams.

Learn more about Azil and her craft by paying a visit to her blog.

For bookings, send an email to azil9@gmail.com

Photos Courtesy of Elizabeth Oduor


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